I have a teaching studio in Cherry Hill, New Jersey where I teach flute, piano and voice. I feel that everyone has a right to learn about music, so I have students of all ages and all levels. I sponsor student recitals twice a year, which are not mandatory, but give students a chance to prepare pieces more in-depth, and to meet and interact with other students. The recital is a positive nurturing experience for students of all ages, to learn to feel comfortable playing for other people.  For more information, please call (856) 488-1328.

Piano -One focus in piano lessons is to learn to read music. Especially for young students, if they learn the language of music it will apply to anything they do at a later time - whether they remain with the piano, or expand to other disciplines of choral, orchestra, band, musical theater or Church music. I try to give them a foundation in music theory that has practical applications in understanding notes, chord structure, and inter-relation of various types of music.

Voice - For voice, one major emphasis is on breathing and an open tone production. The goal is to develop a solid foundation that doesn't stress the vocal chords, and a full understanding of voice range. I do a variety of music to work on these goals, anywhere from Broadway, to contemporary to Italian art song - whatever will peak the student's interest and enhance their singing skills, while providing an understanding of their unique instrument - their voice.

Flute - I have a classical background in flute performance, and my flute teaching includes the technical studies needed in today's flute world, and also an emphasis on tone production and breathing. My goal here is to develop flexibility in range of flute and tone color at all dynamic levels and octaves of the flute. It is not simply a matter of learning the notes and fingerings, but deciding what you want to say musically with the flute.


BA in Music from Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA.

Masters of Music from The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA where I had a Teaching Assistantship in both Flute and Music Theory (teaching sight singing).

My teachers include:

Piano - Margaret Garwood, composer; Jeffrey Greiman, pianist, Vienna, Austria

Flute - David Cramer, Assoc. Principal Flutist, Philadelphia Orchestra

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