1. She's No Lady

From the recording She's No Lady

The punch line to “she’s no lady” is “she’s my wife”. This is a humorous Western swing song, fun to play, and brings back wonderful memories of Lyle Lovett in concert. One such concert in Philadelphia took place in a deluge of rain. The water poured through the stage’s roof like various waterfalls. Those of us in the audience (sitting under tarps and ponchos) were treated to a full acoustic concert by Lyle and several members of his band. Then he brought out his ‘Large Band’ anyway, despite the dangers of a wet stage with electrical equipment, and did another full concert, during which the piano player kept wiping dry the keys of the grand piano, and one of the singers kept turning around to also wipe off the piano. I never heard if the piano survived the torrential rain, but we were treated to an amazing show – two concerts in one!