A Maelstrom of Music!

Today on Facebook I called my schedule a "Maelstrom of Music"!  In what I thought would be a slightly slower summer, I have gigs coming up not only with my band Cheap Cigar, but also with Travis Bickle & the Enforcers (sorry - private party!) and with another local band called the Deadbeats, which you may be able to guess plays a lot of music of the Grateful Dead.  But even more exciting, after spending the last two years NOT promoting my music/albums etc. I have a 'mini tour' that has come together through no effort on my part - after trying to do this on my own for a number of years.  I am feeling very thankful for all the people whose efforts are making this possible.

    So if you've been wanting to hear me solo, now's your chance! Next Monday (7/24) I'll be at Hard Rock Cafe in Philly to play on a Musicians On Call Volunteer Spotlight Concert, sponsored by WXPN.  Then on August 5 I'm the opening act for the Burlington County Amphitheater summer concert series, followed by an appearance at the Bitter End in NYC on Aug.  28 with the Indie Collaborative.

     And if you want to check out all the other gigs, including Cheap Cigar 7/21 at Time Out, Barrington and 7/28 at Filomena's Berlin, please go to my website:  www.loreconstantine.com/calendar .


Lore Constantine