2020 - Current Status

Hi everyone!  Hope you are staying safe in these trying times.  It seems like my life has been at a standstill for awhile, but here is what's currently happening.  I have been doing a weekly broadcast on my Facebook page Saturdays at 2 p.m.  I recently completed Live Session #21, so that gives you an idea of the length of time - New Jersey was shut down for about 4 - 5 weeks prior to my starting this.  These programs are free and 'public', so anyone can view them.  I don't ask for tips, because so many people need much more than I do at this point - just pass it forward in some way.  Go to my fb page for the live video, or view previous ones under 'videos' from my page, which is also public.  I hope it provides some period of calm if needed.  

Musicians On Call had of course stopped in March because we couldn't just walk through the hospitals to play for patients.  I am happy to say MOC has started an online program to be broadcasted to their hospitals each month.  I will be doing the Phila. area program next week, hopefully again to provide a moment of calm and healing through the power of music.

The Greenwood Inn Blues Open Mic in Pennsauken, NJ has carefully started up again, and I'm in the house band for that.  People are respecting my wishes to stay socially distant and wear a mask, and I would also add that The Greenwood Inn has a top-of-the-line air filtration system and sanitation procedures in place.  

So stay safe, wear a mask, and support those who need it.  And also pass along a little kindness.