I am happy to report that this area is starting to open up, and I've got all sorts of things happening!!!  Check out upcoming gigs, include my new duo Lore & Chuck (www.loreandchuck.com), The Truckin' Company (music of Little Feat, Allman Bros., Grateful Dead, Traffic, Marshall Tucker & more), Chinacat Jubilee, and recently (in my spare time) I sat in on a rehearsal of afro-cubano music - a high energy combo with lots of percussion and improvising!!!  So thankful for everything! Please keep an eye on my calendar as everything develops!


Check out the new video below - the Terrapin album with Dead Reckoning on New Year's Eve!!!


Music available at iTunes and Amazon.  Albums:  Piano Expressions, Piano Impressions, Peace and Good Will, My Red Car.  Singles:  China Doll, Danny Boy.  Sorry - no store here! 


Videos to Watch!

Upcoming Dates (See Calendar for complete list)

Imagine with video from my CD Release Party