From the recording You Never Asked My Middle Name


You never asked my middle name.
You didn’t care, that was my fear.
I never asked you where you’d been.
You never made it very clear.
You never asked my middle name
Or even if I planned to stay.
I think you knew my love was true
And would never go away.
I know it’s small, but it’s just this –
I wish you knew things other missed.
We share with some, take off the mask
For those we love, if they just ask.
I once asked your middle name
And who you loved for all times.
I sent you poems from my heart,
Only words and silly rhymes.
You never shared your one true love
And John you said was your name.
Our time was short, a fleeting fling
And I would never be the same.
I know it’s small . . .