1. My Red Car

From the recording My Red Car


It's not the right tie to buy a snazzy red car.
Times are kinda' hard and money don't go far.
Don't wanna make a statement or seem so bold.
Don't wanna impress you or be a star -
But then he said remember
It's ten years old.
Verse 1
My first car was a red Chevette.
Wouldn't've picked the color but it's all I could get.
No air, no power windoews -
But it gets me on my way.
After fifteen years of haulin' my gear
It was showin' it's age.
The end was near.
Verse 2
A Chevette may be small but it could hold a lot of stuff,
But we needed to expand, it was gettin' kind of rough.
A hatchback with the seat down
was just barely enough.
Then our neighbors said do you want our van?
We said okay.
It turned out red.
Verse 3
Then one day our other car died.
We went to see Larry for a new ride.
We drove one car, an old sedan
But it just wasn't right.
But then he says, hey man, we got something else,
Points across the lot and there's a
Shiny..., jazzy..., snazzy..., fire engine
Red car.