1. Movin' Ahead

From the recording Movin' Ahead


Lived out and written in blood of the wounded
And nothing will change it all now.
But I take what I want from the mem’ries behind us
And then I throw the rest out.
I see you in stories I like to remember
The only ones I can recall
And the others that carry the bittersweet heartache
I hardly remember at all.
‘Cause I want what we should’ve had
But I know we just can’t.
And I try to remember it all
Just to keep on movin’ ahead.
And so I am able to somehow continue
And sometimes I ask myself why.
But there are no answers for those who won’t listen
For those who won’t even try.
Some call it love but we know better.
Oh yes, it was love long ago.
But now it’s just something we’ve grown to depend on
Two people who just won’t let go.
‘Cause I want . . .