1. Lore's Song

From the recording Lore's Song


I know who you are and I haven’t forgotten
As I grieve with you in your despair.
Let me lend you my spirit and the music in my soul
To lift your hopes in the air.
So things have changed since you were younger.
Oh how the tide turns with the rolling of the thunder.
First you’re on your feet and then you’re down under.
You were an actress playing your parts
Giving your all right from the heart.
Oh I remember you and the fiddler on that night
On top of your game and ev’rything was alright.
So things . . .
The years will give wisdom, years can make you strong
But the years won’t protect you from all that can go wrong.
So time passes on and something steals your thunder.
Grab hold of this life and don’t let it pull you under.
I know who you are . . .