From the recording If Ever Such a Day


Thought I saw you on the road today
And if I saw you I’d wonder what you’d say.
Say you’re sorry or just turn away
Would you embrace me and squeeze the past away.
Does the ache ever go?  Does anybody know?
Will time ever heal these old wounds?
Does the past ever fade on the bed that we made
And how do we ever go on.
Would I forgive you?  Would it matter now at all
If I remember how far you made me fall?
Would you look diff’rent or would change be all inside?
Are you the same man who took me for a ride?
Does the ache . . .
If I saw you would I have the strength to smile
And make small talk just for awhile
And if I asked you would you even have a clue?
Did you love me like I once loved you?
Oh does the ache . . .
Oh how I wonder if ever such a day, if ever such a day.