The Red Keyboard Odyssey

The Red Keyboard Odyssey - more dramatic than My Red Car! 6-7 years ago, I was at a concert at the TLA - Jaimoe, to be exact. It was one of those standing room shows. I was hearing this huge B3 sound coming out of a small (comparatively) red keyboard on stage. I looked at John, and said I have to find out what's making that sound. So I pushed through the crowd until I was in sight of it - "Nord Electro". Fast forward a few years, many more concerts, and invariably when I'd hear that special B3 sound but it wasn't a B3, I saw a red keyboard up there. So, I priced them, then I started checking Craig's list for used ones, and I learned they rarely show up for sale 'used'. Tells you something about them.


Anyway, after many years, I was finally able to order one. But, a decision had to be made - the Nord Electro4 or wait for the Nord Electro5. The '5' was being debuted at the Namm convention in LA before the grammy's. So, I sent out a request to some of my Grammy friends and found that Michael Gallant had spent an hour demonstrating the '5' at the convention. He gave me input - (the 5 had a switch to turn on the 'Leslie' type effect - the amazing vibrato that you'd hear Melvin Seals turn on at JGB concerts, so decision made). I ordered the Nord Electro 5 in February. Hoped to have it by April, then it was pushed back to May, then June.


Finally in June, keyboard arrived, with damage to the box, the frame dented and some sort of white plastic pieces - possibly part of under part of a key. So, damaged keyboard returned, new one ordered. BUT the Nord is hand built in Sweden, the music store that handles the pre-order (Kraft) is in Wisconsin. They hoped for July, then it became clear not until Sept. And while they offered me the original repaired keyboard at a discount, I decided to wait - what's a few more months after 6-7 years?


SO 2 days ago I got a call - keyboard had arrived & was being shipped to me - I could expect it next Tuesday. Checked the order status yesterday, and it said delivery today. Checked the order early a.m. before going to one of my schools, and it had already arrived in Lawnside. Looked outside a half hour ago to check for the truck - found the keyboard on my doorstep! (Luckily we're in a safe neighborhood!). Anyway, the Odyssey has ended, or maybe it's just starting. I have to figure out how to get the sounds out of this before the Burlington VFW open mic tonight!