I'm back in the studio!  This project is mostly original music (some with words!), and includes piano, ukelele, cello (Michael Ronstadt), Upright Bass (Dan Bacon), and percussion (Russell Gellman).  We just completed 3 days in the studio laying down the basic tracks.  Yet to be added are violin, guitar and vocals - so more on that later.


       This is my first album bringing in other musicians, and it's very exciting.  The songs themselves are why I'm doing the album, all originals (with words by Nancy Paolin and myself) having arisen just in this last year.  It's wonderful to be able to develop a musical concept, and have the other musicians join in and really get what I'm trying to accomplish. Stay tuned!


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  • Jun 22
    Woodstock Trading Company,  Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
  • Jun 29
    Ivy Tavern,  Trenton
  • Jul 20
    Coconut Grove Dockside Clam Bar,  National Park

Imagine with video from my CD Release Party